Southern Skies Investment Holdings


Golden Lion

Golden Lion is a wine promotions, export and distribution agency for the South African wine industry to China. Golden Lion has 3 main focus areas:

  • Facilitating group and individual promotional opportunities for South African producers in China (primarily trade shows and events).
  • Representation, marketing and distribution of a select range of South African wine producers via established Direct-to-customer channels.
  • Export of “buyer owned brands” on behalf of Chinese importers.



Great Cape Exports (GCE)

GCE provides an EU bonded warehousing, wine logistics and last mile fulfillment solution for SA wine producers looking to deploy DTC/DTT efforts in the EU.

Centrally located within Europe, GCE allows SA wine producers to circumvent in-country distributors/retailers to optimize DTC/DTT profit margins abroad.

Launch in 2023.